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Advanced platform that automates level 1 IT support issues using AI-powered interface

Welcome to AI and Natural Language Processing

We know that the big problem solving tasks don’t happen with those pesky Level 1 requests. But that’s most of our workload! Let’s get rid of it. Automate it, so many tasks are fixable with simple instructions or automated scripts that just need verification with the end user

We have set the goal to solve level 1 IT Support issues using Artificial Intelligence

Tribu is solving the two most common problems with IT Support:

  • Level 1 engineers don't want to be level 1 engineers for their entire career, high staff turnover
  • Level 1 engineers don't like to communicate with customers
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A seamless integration between your existing IT helpdesk software, PSA, Teams, communication and TRIBU Artificial Intelligence!

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We know the struggles of running an IT helpdesk - that's why we bring you TRIBU!

An AI solution that fits with your existing IT Helpdesk to make your job easier and the customer experience amazing!

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